Mouse Trap

Remember this game? It's a bit of a contraption, but I sure loved it as a kid. Little did I know, I'd one day be living in New York City and would be experiencing my very own game of mouse trap. Unfortunately this is not my first run in with mice. In my last apartment on the Upper East Side we found a mouse. When we told our landlord, he showed up with his cat Simon and a litter box to fix the problem. Simon lived with us for about a week and we never saw the mouse again. Sadly, the mouse issue in Apt. 9A has been a little more involved. Last night I had another run in. This time, the vermin ran over my foot in the bathroom. I wigged out. So I thought, instead of letting this nasty little mouse get the best of me, I should find ways to play the game a little better. Here are my tips for Real Life Mouse Trap:

First thing you need in real life mouse trap are boots.
These Ugg Boots will do just fine! Don't you love the little puff.

Second rule is to stay clean!

Keeping clean is made easier with this chic and tidy $17
Method Free + Clear Bundle.

Don't touch the mouse! Not that you'd want to.

But if you must, use gloves. Like these
darling polka dot ones from Amazon!

This is all the positivity I could muster when it comes to this dang mouse. I do think those Ugg boots and Lily like gloves would make me feel better.
Mom? Dad?