The Blizzard!

Did you hear? We had a blizzard this weekend. After spastically running around town Saturday morning "before the storm hit", the snow finally made its entrance as I was sprinting through Times Square. Oh great.

Anyways. Finished my errands, made my way home, and lounged the rest of the day away with roommate LindsayAnn. It was so nice.

Here is the view from my 9th floor apartment.

We needed a late night dessert fix, so I braved the conditions to get the supplies. It was wonderfully quiet and still.

You know whats really funny? Snow etiquette. On Sunday, most sidewalks were laced with a single pathway, only slightly wider than the width of a shovel. Those sweet doorman and New Yorkers that get after it with the snow plow.... One would think the trickiest part of walking on the slippery sidewalk is trying not to fall. But no. The trickiest part is stepping out of the shoveled path and into the snowy terrain so you can allow the pregnant woman or old man to pass. Not that you mind doing this, but there's no guaranteeing balance when you venture off the path and into the dirty snow drift. It can be quite dangerous!
But I made it! Both ankles still in tact.