Texas, My Texas

Just back from 10 days in Texas. Thats right. 10 DAYS! Count em! My traveling was a little more involved than I would have liked. But what can you do? Makes things colorful, I suppose.

I would like to sum up my getting to and from Texas:

Cab ride. Subway Ride. Airtrain Ride. Wrong directions multiple times. Old woman in line for a Vegas flight with 2 glitter/sequenced canes and a massive hair piece. Birds flying through the terminal. A debit card that is locked, not from over-drafting, but from a Metro card machine that is spazzing out. Making friends with a Long Island girl as we trek to our gate via a parking garage. A creeper at the airport. Michael Jackson music and news reports blaring from every direction. Flight Delay. Oh the humanity. A piece of junk rolling suitcase with wheels that heat up from the slightest use. Traveling in a maxi dress. Fearing it getting ripped off by the escalator leaving me TOTALLY uh...ahem...vulnerable. The loudest terminal I've ever been in. Giant frizzy curly hair. Sharing a gate with Las Vegas passengers. A lady driving one of those airport carts, blowing a PE whistle. And a barking dog on my plane. Of course there would be a barking dog on my plane. 

All that to say I was much relieved to finally make it to Texas.
More to come on my adventures in the Big Spring 4th of July Parade...