Food Gawker

Have you heard of Food Gawker? My sweet and hipster cousins mentioned this to me last weekend. Said it had great recipes. Ridiculous photography. Couldn't take their eyes off it. 

I was curious.

But I also thought, "But you probably don't read blogs like I do. I mean, I really read blogs. It's becoming my thing. Wonder if this Food Gawker will even hold a candle to some of the blogs and photography I have seen."

I was wrong. I should have known my cousins had an eye for photography when they took this picture with Nonee, our grandmother.

Yes. These are 4 of my cousins. And my 80 year old grandmother.
I love my family.

Anyways. I finally went to Food Gawker to see what they were talking about. I'm hooked. The site reminds me of that childhood card game where you matched the bowl of cherries to the bowl of cherries. The bananas to the bananas....

They showcase fun and random recipes, great photography by linking your blog to the. It takes on a community dining sort of a feel.  Such fun. Cousins even found a recipe  homepage for Margarita Cupcakes that was really tasty!

Thought I would share.