Meet My Crew Monday: Meet Laura

LAURA After plunging into the deep waters a couple years ago and getting majorly freaked out from the waves, Laura has been taking a hiatus from the pool at large, while keeping a few squirt guns around to keep herself cool....Until recently, when she accidentally slipped and fell into the water at the same exact spot she had twisted her ankle a few years prior. She was into the water again!! Shocked, and taking a moment to look around, she realized she DID enjoy...and dare I say the L word...the deep blue - the treading grounds she once knew so well. Now turning flips.

What the heck am I talking about? Take a quick tour.

Did I mention that Laura makes cakes? She is oh so talented and made Mary Brantley's wedding cake last weekend! Please disregard the candelight tinge to the cake. In reality it was creamy white. And perfect. And freakishly delicious.