Happy Birthday Sweet Lou!

My mom, affectionately dubbed Sweet Lou by my brother and his friends - it's a derivative of Little Cindy Lou Woo, is the birthday girl today!

Here are the top 10 Reasons Why I My Mom is Great:

1. She's the most clever and creative person I know when it comes to presentation, interiors, gifts, and staging.

2. She is a problem solver. I'm talking BIG TIME. In everything!

3. She's doesn't ever seem to sweat the small stuff. She's a big picture gal.

4. She helps lead our family with faith, patience and crafts.

5. She instilled in me, a love for Roadies, i.e. a good coke with good ice while you're on the road.

6. I have an incredible threshold for spicy food because of her. She says she ate a lot of Mexican while she was pregnant with me.

7. She's walked with me through many days of uncontrollable big frizzy curly hair. Bless her.

8. She thinks Rich, my dad, is as funny as I do (most of the time). I love her half laughing expression here. And that side pony tail - whoa baby mom!

9. She is so generous with her time, her gifts, her conversation. And she is such a hard worker.

10. And she always gets a kick out of my brother and sister. What a funny package we all are!

Happy birthday mom! Love you much!

How precious is that picture of mom and dad?