10 Under 10

Living in Manhattan can be super pricey - good thing I love the challenge of spending with in a budget! Here are my top 10 things to do/eat/see for under $10. Roll with it.

1. $8 Manicures - To pay more than $8 for a mani in New York is a travesty when there are so many affordable places!

2. Sephora - Don't be awkward about this, but I love refreshing my makeup before meeting friends for dinner. Instant pick me up.

3. $1.09 ice cream cone from McDonald's. 150 calories. Enough said.

4. Fountain drinks with good ice are hard to come by in the city. That's why I head to 7eleven for the occasional Big Gulp.

5. Grays Papaya - You can get 2 Hot Dogs and a drink for five bucks. Delish.

6. Sabon - Lotions, bath salts and creams from the Dead Sea. Each store has a giant hand washing station used to try the products - it's the best free refresher on a hot city day!

7. Salvation Army - You could buy an end table, an ottoman, or a set of lamps for under $10, easy!

8. Having a particularly gray day - pick up a $7 Revlon lipstick from the drug store. Love that red is a favorite of mine.

9. Magazines at Barnes & Noble. You can snag magazines from B & N, hunker down in a corner and read your little heart away - as long as you return them, of course!

10. Street Merch! Too obvious? Clearly, I'm a fan of finding furniture on the street and giving it new life, in case you missed that. The furniture is free, the fixin's (spray paint, hardware, etc.) are easily under $10.