Sparkles, Leopard and Bows - Oh my!

Purusing through my google reader on Tuesday, I saw THIS invitation on Design*Sponge...

Of course I immediately emailed this to crafty co-worker Bridget and fashiony roommate Lindsay Ann. They speak the same Kate Spade DIY language that I do. Lindsay Ann was double booked, so the event was left for Bridget and I to scour.

How do I say... CUTENESS SENSORY OVERLOAD?? I'm not kidding. It was probably the most charming and darling hour and a half of my entire life. Stationed around the flagship Kate Spade store in Soho were 5 top fashion/diy/home design bloggers + one Kate Spade Creative Director. They were each given a black leather Kate Spade handbag to work their DIY magic on - live at the event! Bridget and I met and watched Design*Sponge's Grace Bonney craft giant gold dots on to her bag. (She's our favorite!)

I'm getting long winded so let me just bullet point the remaining sugary sweet details:

  • Food & Drink: Waiters wove through the chattery crowd with trays of Mini Hot Dogs in Mini Hot Dog Buns with Mini Condiments, trays of Mini Burgers, and a festive drink that resembled a Roy Rogers.
  • The Crowd: It was like a memo went out to all the event attendees that said, "Please make sure to dress adorably. We here, at Kate Spade, encourage leopard, pink, glitter, high heels, sequins, bubble skirts, swing coats, jewel toned tights and bright lipstick. Have fun!" 
  • Kate Spade Merch: Not only is the flagship store one of kind, but it was stocked to the max with festive holiday merch.

Lastly - The featured bloger was Erica Domesek of PS - I made this. That girl is tal-en-ted. She has just released a book based off her clever and approachable DIY projects. Bridget and I both bought her book, and with it came a canvas Kate Spade tote for us to decorate! They had tables set up through out the space loaded with organized and colorful craft materials. Paint pens, bedazzlers, glitter and bright sharpies, oh my!

ALL night, we'd hear someone compliment someone's crafty bag design, and they would respond with, "Oh thanks. I was an art major." We thought this was hilarious, because WE were both art majors.  It became our response of the night and Bridget's slogan on her bag!

We agreed that mine was to have a bow, as seen above!

All that to say, and yes that was a lot to say, we had a ball! We love Kate Spade. We love the blogging world. And loved being part of the event!