Street Merch Monday (minus the merch)

Just wrapping up a whirlwind weekend. Forget explanations, lets go with bullet points:

  • Best friend Ivy got married!! It was perfect.
  • 13auburnfriends (aside from 2) made the trek to Dallas - we had a ball (See picture below)
  • Now I'm finishing up a quick trip to Houston with Turner and Erin - Turner's mom is finishing up radiation at MD Anderson and we wanted to say hi. Pray for her! 
  • I took them by Buc-ee's on our way. Oh my goodness. It's the ultimate Texas truck stop. It's amazing. As were the unlimited fountain drinks, good ice and endless aisles of packaged Buc-ee goods! See picture below. 
  • No street merch Monday, obvi, but hey, I did get back on twitter. Which makes me a little awkward. Oh well.  Check it @hannahflora


Photograph taken by the amazing Amelia Strauss

We love her.