Kitchen Cues from 5 Napkin Burger

Last night, Roommates LA, Emily & I tried out the 5 Napkin Burger that just opened in our hood. With its crisp industrial interiors and whiff of char-grilled goodness, its one of those restaurants that beckons you in from the cold sidewalk. The burgers were, of course, delicious. And so were the onion rings and fries. Oh, and the root beer float and chocolate peanut butter milkshake was pretty fantastic too. Hm. Anyways.

Most impressive were the interiors! The place was lined with white subway tile (I know, its everywhere these days, but I still love it), lots of metal hardware, gigantic chalkboards, black leather details and lighting done in straight up Thomas Edison style.

It got me thinking. How great would grey subway tile look in a kitchen.
Gets me excited to live in a place, one day, where I can do major tweaking!