West 89th Street

Thats where I live. Just got back to my humble little abode from a weekend in Houston filled with family and baseball. Two things I love. Coming back to the city can be hard, though. This time, especially hard. (More on that later) So I thought I'd post a few pictures of what I come home to in this city to help me gear up for the week ahead.

The living room is the first thing you see when you walk in. We're sporting the 3 couch look right now. But hey, it works! We have Jamie to thank for the fabulous coffee table off the street. I'm getting the urge to paint it!

I claimed a few of these baskets that were left over from a photo shoot. Still haven't decided if I should paint them or leave them, but I thought it was a decent space filler for now.

The foyer is the other thing you see upon arrival. It's a work in progress. The bookshelf is from Ikea via craigslist. I have partially fond memories of my mom and old roommate hauling this thing across town. I say partially, because it was so heavy, we about died!

Between the 4 roommates, we have lots of magazines and books. Our small space gets overwhelmed by book covers, so I have the spines facing inward and the pages outward. Call me weird.

Thats the tour for now. My tiny maid's quarters is up next!