Housewarming on the Lower East Side

New York social events revolve around a handful of things. The three most present in my life are: new apartments, good weather and birthdays. The past weekend, friends Kelly & Hannah introduced their new digs with a Housewarming Party. Kelly and Hannah are both interior designer/non-profit entrepreneurs. Quite a pair! They have THE most adorable apartment.

Such an eye for arranging and staging! Their apartment is a mix of eclectic, colorful and traditional elements.

The exposed brick wall runs the course of the apartment and adds loads of character and texture. I need to ask Hannah where she got these floating bookshelves. I love them!

The apartment is filled with small nooks and collections. These darling fabric pins are products of Hello Robertson, an accessories line crafted by Kelly & Hannah.
Noted: If I ever get married, I've got to take a picture like the one above.

So unexpected. Kelly has a collection of New York "door pictures" hung asymmetrically above her bed. Incredibly simple and vibrant. Lovely.

This turquoise lamp and printed curtain are tucked away in a brick cove that overlooks a disheveled courtyard. Old meets new in this little corner.

And to end my housewarming tour, I leave you with hats.

I think we all need to go buy a flouncey red hat to hang on the brick wall that we may or may not have.