I need a beach bag yo!

The Jersey Shore is something I've come to love. I'm not talking guido + poof Jersey Shore, I'm talking meeting friends at Penn Station, loading up on coffee and bagels, riding the NJ Transit a quick hour and lounging at the beach all day. I love this tradition. Plus, getting out of the city keeps my sanity in check.

A few of my summer items needs refreshing. First up, a new (and affordable) beach bag. Here's what I've found so far...

1. Juicy Couture - Nordstrom's 2. Forever 21 3. Target 4. Target 5. Old Navy

Now this is going to get a little crazy. I was in K-Mart last week (Yes, we have a K-Mart) and saw these cute totes! I think they were $12 and Joe Boxer. Who would have thought?

Joe Boxer - KMart