The Phil

After pouring all the live long day, the weather cleared up just enough to enjoy the Philharmonic in the park. Actually ended up being beautiful outside! I followed a family that was carrying a large pizza through the maze of central park and tromped my way to the Great Lawn. A few friends and I stretched our blanket out over the damp grass, emptied our plastic bags full of Little Debbies, grapes, hummus and wine and people watched. Oh the people watching! There were the staple New York families lounging around, clearly not their first time at the Phil. And young-ish Connecticut guys saving room for their late comer friends. Plus plenty of odd ball singles and (over the top) romantic couples sprinkled all around.

Did I mention we had chocolate?

You can tell the level of humidity by the atmosphere around the bun on top of my head.

iPhone pics.
So had I really thought through things, I would have come better prepared. I got 'spread' envy early in the night when I looked around the blankets closest to us. People had meats, cheese, baguettes, bottles and bottles of wine, candles and lounge chairs! We... did not. So next year, I think I might make more of a statement with our set up. Something like this -

A lantern or 2 from IKEA.

More candles and a snazzy table (sitting) cloth from anthropologie!

And last but not least, maybe some cupcakes Baked By Melissa.