Tuesday's List

Jess, my photographer friend from college, just let me scroll through her Mediterranean vacation pictures. I was looking for a great image to start off the post I was about to write. Something lovely and vague that would pair nicely with my PW inspired List I was about to jott down. Something like the above image.

I shuffled through a hundred pictures or so before I ran into this picture. The one below. Forget the list! Does this look familiar?

Did you figure it out??

It's where Ali (the bachelorette) and the infamous Frank wined and dined on their date in Turkey! I remembered Jess stopped in Istanbul on their vacation, but had to reconfirm this fact via gchat with her like 5 minutes ago.

So I keep scrolling through.

But then I see THIS picture...

A little trickier, but if you watch the Bachelorette like my group of friends does (after Bible study... ahem) then you would know exactly what the above picture is. It's where Justin "Rated-R" is found out by Ali! I think those are the actual hedges that Justin awkwardly traipses through with his injured foot and messenger bag! What in the world!!