What up Salvation Army?!

My office building is on the corner of 46th and 11th Avenue. If you aren't familiar with New York, then this probably doesn't mean much to you. Heck, if you are familiar with New York, this still probably doesn't mean much to you! It is WAY off the beaten track. Only reason to come to the outskirts of Manhattan that is my office building is for the Intrepid. But I'm not a tourist and you can only do the Intrepid so many times - lets be honest.

I've been at this office building for over a year now. Throughout this time, I've noticed the Salvation Army just around the corner. But never thought to go in. Never thought, "Hm, I wonder if they have any fabulous second hand finds in there!" Nope. Never thought that.

Until a week ago. Yesterday, a co-worker and I ventured over during lunch and boy oh boy - Jackpot!! They filled an entire warehouse floor with furniture galore! I snapped a few iphone pictures as I went.


OH the lamps! Pretty great, but a little pricey.

The desk right above was TWELVE DOLLARS! And it was HUGE!! Very Mad Men.

Someone's found a new lunchtime hobby!