Cutest card I ever did see!

A dear friend of mine, Katie, is turning 27. I just received a hand written invitation in the mail, and I do believe it is the cutest card I ever did see. I'm typing this in a Steel Magnolia's accent, if you couldn't tell.

The front of the card is dressed in a hand sewn herringbone and tweed ensemble.

Oh heavens.

Obadiah is what she named her apartment on the Upper West Side, if you were wondering.

Itinerary for the evening: Games!

Dress requirements: Tweed and or Herringbone

How could I not share this invitation? I'm not surprised its so lovely. Katie is charming and works in publishing and embodies all things classic. And she has the one of those adorable haircuts that makes you hate your own hair.  Well, not hate. But at least dislike!

Can't wait for this party!