Street Merch Monday: Upper West Side

I love a good chair re-do. They are so satisfying. 

This chair has been sitting in our foyer since December. I found it while on the way to pick up a Christmas tree with my roommates! 

Do you know about Christmas trees in New York? Canadian men drive gritty littler campers into the city after Thanksgiving, park on the side of the street and set up Christmas tree lots on the sidewalk. Usually 3 or 4 guys are stationed at each 'tree lot'. 2 will monitor the trees and customers while the other one sleeps. They are always the nicest guys, with great accents and fascinating life stories!

Anyways, we purchased our petite holiday spruce and loaded it into the elevator with my Street Merch chair.

Don't be scared of our elevator. I know it looks rough.

Here is the official before picture of the chair:

Between fashion designer roommate Lindsay Ann and I, we always have fabric lying around. We'd tried using the below fabric a dozen times, but could never find the perfect use for it. Until this chair came along!

Here it is! Resting quietly in my butlers pantry nook. (Remember, I live in the maids quarters.)

I think it's a tidy step up from its street condition!