You had me at gold chevron . . .

Hello hello! Just wrapping up a football watching, steak & mashed potato cooking and furniture rearranging weekend with friends and I wanted to update you on our most recent furniture refresh. Remember this Street Merch chair from last Monday?

Well, I had a chance to finish it this weekend! We started with 2 coats of some wood/metal spray paint in a bone white color. It was a random spray paint brand that I hadn't used before, but it came under the recommendation of the guy at the hardware store, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME. No need to prime, this spray paint took to the wood amazingly well.

After letting the paint dry for a day or so, I taped off a zig zag / chevron pattern with blue painters tape.

Brooklyn Boy cut the blue tape into pieces of the same length, which totally helped speed the taping process up! Good thinkin' babe.

I LOVE the point in the redo/refresh process when the end product starts taking shape!!!

Get ready for some crazy hair in this next picture.

Usually, we paint things behind Brooklyn Boys apartment, but this time, we took to Prospect Park West, right in front of his building.  You should have seen the hilarious looks we were getting from all the Brooklyn drivers and walkers as we spray painted two coats of gold metallic spray paint.

Like our ghetto rigged sheet to protect the legs? Thats how we roll.

It's finished!! The super next door took this picture of us. I'm kinda glad it's a little far away - Brooklyn Boy and I are both wearing giant sweatshirts and I have on his oversized house shoes. Plus his beard for Restore's No Shave November is showing some serious growth :)

You ready for the final product??

Here it is! And yes those are antlers.

Now, here's what's different with this particular Street Merch piece.... It's for sale!!

 Check out the new FOR SALE tab if you're interested!