So I've been meaning to tell you . . .

Y'all, I've been a bad blogger. You'll have to forgive me!

But, I'm back and I've got news! Remember the week when we had the earthquake, hurricane, birthday, and engagement?? I talked about it here!

Well.... we managed to squeeze one more crazy thing into the week - An apperance on the Nate Berkus Show. I had the ridiculously fun opportunity to talk about my blog and DIY projects on the show! Mom, my roommates and Brooklyn Boy in the audience, which was such a treat. Here we are after the show :)

To say I had a ball on the show is an understatement!

So I wanted to tell you - the show airs tomorrow, Thursday, October 6th, on NBC. Go HERE to find out where the show airs in your neck of the woods. Thanks for watching! (Hope I'm not so spastic on air, but there's no telling!)

I'll have an update for you next week on a second appearance!