Time Out New York - Yes please!

Ever since my little stint on HGTV, I'm more willing to apply for random styling & interior opportunities. Not that I'm more suited! Think I'm just more bold and uninhibited. Especially when good friends send me tweets and emails with postings such as the following! 

I heard that Time Out New York was looking for unique Manhattan apartments. Hello! Mine is totally unique. At least I think it is!  It's a Classic Six apartment on the 9th floor of a traditional Pre-War apartment building. It houses 4 mostly Southern girls in 2 bedrooms, one dining room and one pint size maids quarters. Excitingly enough, Time Out New York agreed and decided to feature it in their most recent issue

Scroll on down! You can also find all the pictures & article online here or in news stands this week!

I would buy 50 chevron/ikat bowls from Athropologie if I could.

Remember the yellow piece from Street Merch Monday


Here's a shot of the Butler's Pantry outside of my room. Shoes on display are like looking at a candy shop.

Those plates are John Derian from Target. Everything else has been gifted to me or picked up over time. The tray is roommate Lindsay Ann's. I took it from her :)


My faux headboard/table top/art thing was also a Street Merch find. 

Did I ever tell you about that lamp shade? Got it on sale at Target for 3 bucks in Jersey! Thank's Liberty of London!


Oh I love that mirror. Bought it as a pair from Salvation Army. Used one in my kitchen and one in Erin's Restyle. 


If you don't own it already, you should pick up Domino's Book of Decorating.

Makes a great gift!


Our rug-less space is glaring at me. Oh well. We're all a work in progress!

I've got to mention - All of our delicious little Suzani pillows were crafted by the talented Judy Wonson. Judy is one of those generously hard working moms who reorganizes, cleans and tidy's the entire apartment by the end of her visit. Not to mention her mad sewing skills. All of our pillows and curtains are to her credit. She has been a driving force in making our apartment a home!


Holla Garden & Gun

I should try and simmer down my love for stripes. But these stripes are near and dear to me! Seems like just yesterday the roommates and I were slaving over blue tape, levels and mild cuss words. But you know, I don't regret those strips for a second! 

 I laugh thinking about Lindsay Ann and I carrying those lamp's across town on the bus. What a sight!

And cute Lindsay Ann's room! Her mom not only helped make this piece of Street Merch into a darling little bench, but also made all of those pillows.


I'll give you a moment to pour over LA's fabulous shoe variety. She's a designer. She's allowed to have this many shoes. It's like a rule.


Ok. I think about wraps it up. It was a thrill to be included in this issue of Time Out New York. Thanks so much TONY, Melody and Susanna!


All Photography taken by Susanna Blavarg. You can see more of her fabulous photography here!