Falling off the face of the blog world

But I'm on my way back! It's been a busy couple of weeks. I went on a last minute work trip to Orlando last week and then played the weekend away with my sister in the city. It was her birthday :) We had a ball!

ALSO! You'd think I be able to finish one little piece of street merch, but NO. It's taking me forever. But I can show you the little bit of progress I've made painting!

Primer + 2 cans of high gloss navy spray paint + 1 can of clear laquer top coat

Yep, thats just a spare door hanging out.

Here it is! Work in progress, though. I plan to replace the casters with more industrial looking ones.

But most excitingly - I ordred fabric from fabric.com and I'm trying to decide which one to inlay on the bar cart shelves. I'm leaning towards the green. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that green fabric.


I'll probably use the blue and cream fabric on a Street Merch chair I've been putting off.

Thats all for now! Roommate Lindsay Ann & I have our moms coming in this weekend - we're playing musical chairs with the bedrooms! It's going to be quite a task, but thankfully, we'll have lots of hands on deck.

Expect lots of before and after pictures. And probably some cussing.