First of all, thanks!! Second of all, meet Jessica.

First - Thank you SO much for all the support and encouragement with the TONY article! Y'all are too much.

Second - It's time I formally introduce my photographer friend Jessica Rawlings of J. Rawlings Photography. Jess and I went to Auburn together. Along with best friend Ivy, we 'suffered' through our awkward freshman year together as out-of-staters. We stalled out socially and in turn, ate our way to a swollen sohpomore year. Honestly - it wasn't all that bad! It was just one of those funny and pitiful "Bless our hearts" kind of a year. Thankfully - we're out of the swollen stage and remain good good friends! Over the past year, Jess has started her own thriving photography business. I'm so proud of this girl :)

Here's a sampling of her personality infused classic lifestyle photography -

I'm sorry, I had to throw this last picture in there. I just LOVE it. 

You can see more of Jess's work here!