Had a date with Long Island on Tuesday night! Finally got to experience a thrift store by the name of Unique. It was expansive place with rows and rows of clothing, furniture and trinkets sealed tightly in clear zip loc bags. Say what? I came away with a cart of CHEAP purchases. One being the side table below - it was $4.99. Wish I could have gotten it on Wednesday, though. That's when they have their store wide 50% Off Day. Ridiculous.

Also picked up a few pieces of fabric. Like the cream, blue and green crewel fabric below. I have no idea what that is. A scrap? A pillow case? Doesn't matter, I guess. I've got a little project in mind for it. . .

Also picked up some Vintage Tennis Rackets for a boys apartment project I'm working on. It was a great venture to Unique. Can't wait to show you the afters!