back with rico suave!


Today is my dad's birthday! Rich Flora turns fid-y five. Rich responds to many a nicknames - Dad. Richie. Rico. Rock. Ricky. The list goes on. Speaking of lists - here are the top 10 things (in no particular order) I love about the birthday boy:

1. He has a mustache. Gosh, so trendy dad. Just call him John Stossel or Tom Selleck. One time my sister and I decided to give his 'look' an update. So we got him new dark jeans, a crisp button up, along with a sharp new haircut and told him to shave his mustache. Turns out, Rich's face gets all thrown off with out the mustache. Therefore, he will always have a mustache.

2. He will use any excuse to go to Target with one of his daughters and dance in the aisles. Dad, you think this embarrasses me, but it doesn't.

3. He's unbelievably creative. Whether it's in the advertising world, his handy man moments or with my siblings, he's always prepared with a creative solution. Or 10.

4. He makes me laugh the hardest.

5. Likewise, he might be the best story teller I know.

6. He has the sweetest servant heart. He is helpful and handy and patient and generous. Even when I tell him NOT to carry my handbag and to just handle my luggage. Sometimes I just like to do things on my own. I'm weird like that. But he's always sweet.

7. Dad can clean a plate like a champ. It's really a talent.

8. Rich was never overwhelmed watching 3 little kids while mom was out being a flight attendant. He'd take us to do the most ridiculous things - we'd go stay in a hotel just for fun, or venture to the Rodeo just outside of town and of course, sprawl out in the living room and play endless amounts of High-Ho-Cherrio.

9.  He's a great road trip buddy. He's driven the 12 hours from Dallas to Auburn so many times. Often with a U-Haul in tow. And never a complaint, one.

10. He's an investor. In people, that is. Dad consistently goes out of his way for community. I love this about him. What a great precedent to set!


That about wraps it up. Happy Birthday Rico Rich Ricky Joe Suave Dad. Love you!