The Room-To-Do

I've taken such a lengthy (and unintentional) break from my before and afters that my to do list has become quite substantial! The goal is to check some of my room-to-do's off my list this weekend. Here we go!


Number One: Paint my headboard

I bought this headboard from Salvation Army for $20. Right now, it's the weird shiny/veneer like wood. The plan is to strip it down and rough it up. Then stain it a dark brown. My room needs a raw/organic element to break up all the gloss - and I think this might do the trick. I also have plans to re-jig the collage above my bed. Stay tuned.


Number 2: Resolve window treatments

I have my standard drop cloth curtains hanging from the sides of my window that looks out to 89th street. I love them! But they're purely aesthetic and don't block the light - or my neighbors across the street view for that matter. So, I've been using those cheap white vinyl roller blinds. I don't love them. If I pull them too hard, they zoom to the top of my window, spin around a few times and then fall from their flimsy metal brakcets. And thats when I say damn. They've been a perfectly fine 'hold me over' solution, but it's time for them to go.

Instead of those ratty vinyl blinds, my mom sent me this blog, John's Journal, of another window option. Maria converted her matchstick blinds into custom-ish Ikat Roman Shades. Holy cow. I love this Maria. So I'm thinking I need to do that.

(This picture was taken by Maria and can be found here.)

I just need to find some cheap matchstick blinds and cover them in something like this fabric from!


Number 3: Paint my new salvation army purchase

This picture does not do justice to the character of this piece. It begs to be covered in shiny lacquer something. Mint green? Black? Poppy orange??? Not sure. What do you think?

Can't wait to get after these projects! That wraps up the Room-To-Do. Hope to have After's for you on Monday!