Friday Faves: LeighAnn & BHLDN

I know I've mentioned LeighAnn in the past. We were roommates in college and art majors together!  I ended up in NY adversiting and Little Miss Graphic Designer has been moving and shaking her way through the Miami design scene.  Over the years, in our respective crazy cities, we've come to share the same design/visual sensibilities. She's someone I trust most when it comes to aesthetics and taste level.

And guess what, she's given the blog a little lift! How GENEROUS/AMAZING/THOUGHTFUL is she to update my branding?! Did you notice? Probably not if you're in reader. But if you go to the site (www.hannahkateflora), you'll see a new logo, courtesy of LeighAnn Tufts! I'm pretty smitten with it. Thanks Leegs!!

And just for kicks I've included a recent picture of us with the Brooklyn Boy. This picture makes me smile. And laugh. Typical.


On another note - I can't help but post a few pictures of Athropologies new line of Wedding Attire & Decor, called BHLDN.  It's all sooo beautiful! And it's been on like every blog I read. Ha. So I thought I'd get in on the action. Here are just a few things. . .

 Oh Rifle. I love you.


Cute, hu?


Off to Texas for the weekend! Happy Friday!