Living in New York

Living in New York, you quickly acclimate to the lack of normal household efficiencies. Like washers & dryers, closet space and dish washers. It's just a reality that those things are now distant memories. So you get clever!

I'll show you. Technically, I live in the dinning room. This means I don't have an ounce of hidden storage, not to mention a closet. It's ok, though, I love these challenges. And roommate Lindsay Ann, who previously lived in the room, came up with a great solution. She (with the help of our supers) installed a metal rod a few inches from the ceiling and hung large white curtains (table cloths actually, her mom Judy is quite crafty!) to enclose her closet space. 

This quick picture below does NOT do justice to how darling her room was, but it does give you an idea of her closet space on the right side.

 I arranged mine slightly different, but to the same effect.

Yep, those are my drop cloth curtains. Yet again.

I'm always curious what other peoples closets look like. So here's mine.

I'd say I'm a minimalist. Everything I own is hanging in my closet. All seasons included.

Random look into my closet space!

**Either I need new contacts, or all these pictures are blurry. I've got to get a new camera. Or learn how to properly take pictures :)