Meet My Crew: Brooklyn Boy

If you've been following the blog for a while, you may be familiar with Meet My Crew. It's my way of introducing you to my close friends from college. The Meet & Greet takes place in the Dating Pool - an elaborate (and ridiculous) metaphor I concocted to describe the stages of life we're all in. Each person's location, relationship status and personality is taken into account in their description. If you're bored, you can read about all 13 of us! In fact, Here's where I was about almost 2 years ago.

You know, a lot can change in 2 years. 

I've developed a habit of finding furniture on the street and repurposing it. I've had 3 roommates come and go through Apartment 9A. My hair may have gotten curlier. I had the fun opportunity to do something with HGTV. I've had friends get married, some have even had their first and second babies. Little brother is about to be a Senior in College, Lordy Lord. Sister is living up a storm in Dallas. The list goes on - Change has been abundant!

Biggest change, I'd say, involves someone who has drawn me outside the comfy confines of my Manhattan Borough.

I'd like to formally introduce you to Brooklyn Boy.

Its a great time to introduce him, because...

A) I'm about to drag him into a bunch of furniture redo's and apartment tweaks and you should have a visual of my favorite handyman. (I think the Lord knew I'd need someone well versed in tools and home things.) Just wait until I show you his All Boy Brooklyn Apartment in the coming weeks.

B) He was nominated for a little something on Actually, not really little at all. He's the most servant hearted person I know, and the write up gives a fantastic depiction of who he is and what he does. So instead of making everyone awkward with a sugary sweet description of Brooklyn Boy and why I'm such a fan of his, you should just check this out! I'll keep you posted of voting details. Rules are included below.

C) And, it's just time you meet him!  


Hope this post isn't too over the top :)


Rules: GQ will choose five finalists based off of the following criteria:  involvement, impact and dedication to their causes.  Finalists will be posted online at www.thegentlemensfund.comon August 4 at 10 AM when voting will begin (one vote per person/email address).  Voting will close on September 22.  The winner will ultimately be chosen by the Sponsors, taking into account the number of votes received, and announced at the Gentleman’s Ball in New York City in October 2011.