Guten Tag!


I'm sipping the Lemonade (Bionade in German) on the right as I write this. And I've decided to only drink water from clear glass beakers from now on.


My "Guten Tag" title is cheesy, I know. But I'm working from Dusseldorf, Germany this week and I'm feeling all spirited!

We arrived this morning (middle of the night NY time) and let me tell ya' - our travel was absolutely dreamy. Weirdly so. Kinda felt like we were in the Truman Show and everyone was part of a production crew just one step ahead of us, smoothing out the way. We flew Lufthansa (You can pronounce it with a lispy 'th' if you want to be like me. Or you can be all correct or whatever and prounounce it with just a 't' as per my dads suggestion this morning. I've always had trouble with certain phonics. Just ask him about Celcia's and the color Mauve. But thats an entirely different post :)

We arrived early in Germany and breezed through the security/passport checkpoint. Literally breezed. My passport was back in my hand within seconds after handing it to the Security guy. We walked to baggage claim just as my suitcase was rounding the corner of the conveyor belt. I walked over and pulled it from the belt, right in time for my co-worker to spot her bag. Seriously? That was easy. We were wisked away to our hotel, sat down for a quick breakfast (Mom they have individual Nutella's. Don't worry, I'll hook a sista' up, I saw them at the Fairway in NY a few weeks ago, but the German ones just seem cooler), and then went to our rooms to sleep for a couple of hours.

And now, I'm sitting on set with a moment to jot this down. Feeling incredibly grateful for this experience!

More to come this week! Fun Fact: We hear Dusseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany.