13auburnfriends: A covering

Covering: something laid over or wrapped around a thing, especially for concealment, protection, or warmth.

Go with me on this.  I think of my friends from college as a covering. All 13 of us (yes, 13) are gathering at the Outlaw Bay House in Mobile, Alabama this weekend. Everyone's there as we speak, I'm bringing up the rear and fly in tonight. Just in time for an 11:30pm (IMAX/3D) showing of Harry Potter, I'll have you know.

These friends are a gift. And they cover me.

Pair this reflective thinking about my friends with my other current trail of thought - "What rug should I get for our living room???." Leads one to wonder - "If my friends were rugs, what would they be?!"

Well, I'll tell ya.


LeighAnn: Cool, contemporary, textured, blendable


Ivy: Sunny, fun, delicate and filled with depth


Laura: Chic, adventerous, boldly understated, lovely

Kim: Bit Sized (thats a doormat!), textured, earthy, charming

Melanie: Cultural, earth toned, warm, classic

Leigh: A mother, collected, fun and current


Mary: A little hippie, comfortable, incredibly inviting, punchy


Erin: Not typical, vibrant, unexpected, delightful


Turner: Southern, bright, decisive, preppy - And engaged!!!


Jana: Sweet, simple, kind, approachable


Jessica: traditional, colorful, subtley daring, hospitable


Anne: PREPPY, unique, Southern, sparky


Me: Colorful, mod, imperfect, purposeful

Can't wait for this weekend to start. After Mobile, I'm off to the city that the Lake Queen & Silver Dollar City call home - can you guess it??


Rug imagery from West Elm, Anthropologie, Jonathan Adler, Martha Stewart, Williams Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters.