The Bench Needs Your Skills

Morning! I'm back from my venture to the south - Mobile, Atlanta, Branson and Tulsa, to be specific - and we've got some fun things coming up! I'll try to not get ahead of myself. For now, lets talk about this bench.

Remember I mentioned it a few weeks ago? This was Brooklyn Boy's mom's bench she bought in Missouri over 15 years ago. Check out that Laura Ashley floral print.

First we removed the old fabric, only to find this hilarious yellow retro floral underneath.

Then took the entire seat off. The picture doesn't do much justice to the hearty textured overlapping burlap left below the seat. We tried to salvage it, but decided crafting a new bench seat was our best route.

And there's Norma, Brooklyn Boy's dog. She likes to feel included in the action.

Then we painted 3 coats of white paint. Brooklyn Boy had it laying around, ended up being a great white!

Our next steps will be to pick a fabric and construct a seat. But I can't decide which fabric!
Thats where YOU come in - Which fabric should we use to recover the seat??? Help!

All choices from

Can't wait to hear your favorite!