i want to tell you

about the rat Brooklyn Boy and I saw on the Lower East Side crawling into the belly of a car engine 

or about the Reveal Valentines Makeover Event that I'm planning for February 11th

and about the big things God continues to do in our little ole' lives

oh! or all the wedding updates! bell's is do for an update. 4 month count down playas.

and also that i'm going to upload the 'after' pictures of those chairs....eventually.

and that my co-worker bridget turned me onto sephora's foundation / tinted moisturizer thing.

but i'm so wiped out from multi tasking while i'm at work (don't tell my boss) that i'm too zapped (at the moment) to tell you about all the stuff i want to tell you about!

but, i figure you'd rather me be sane, than crazy but a regular blogger. right? RIGHT??

love you. i really do!

real posts coming your way this weekend :)