DIY Gold Ombre Tumblers

As seen through the lens of an iphone - a.k.a. - the pictures are not so hot. Anyways!

I was in Dallas last weekend for my sister's bachelorette party and our theme was hot pink! The cute hot pink. Not the tacky one.

Most of the party decor was straight out of Michaels, World Market and Walmart plus a few things here and there from New York. Graciously, my mom had picked up these CHEAP tumblers from Walmart to use for our specialty cocktail! 

I think they were $2 for 4 glasses. Ridiculous. The shape was already pretty darling, but I thought a little 'gold touch' was in order. Dipping the glasses in gold paint seemed a little involved for 2am in the morning, so I went with gold spray paint instead. I laid out a giant trash bag, held each glass upside down and went for it. 

Y'all. This was weirdly easy. After a quick and consistent spray all the way around the bottom - BOOM - gold ombre! 

Ombre. I feel so bloggy right now. 

Also remember - the paint is on the outside, so the glasses are totally safe to drink from. But, I will say, they are not so safe from the dishwasher, fyi. They looked like mercury glass after we sent them through. Which is kind of cool in its own regard! 

I would definitely do this again! Maybe try it on a vase or pitcher? 

There you go - a little DIY for your Thursday!