onto the next holiday!

Wasn't Thanksgiving yesterday? This season is moving all too fast!

We quickly and cheaply brought our home into the Christmas holiday zone last night. A late night trip to the dollar store and about twenty bucks later, we had everything we needed to complete our tree. Brown kraft paper, 2 strings of lights, 2 bags of gold pine cones (who knew they had those at the dollar store!) and two small sleeves of gold ornaments. 

I was in charge of the paper chain! 

Brooklyn Boy was in charge of hot gluing loops of bakers twine on to the top of our pinecones.

We added a few other ornaments to our homemade decor. This mini New York hot dog may be my favorite thing on the entire tree :) Thanks Mrs. Martin!

Or maybe its the little taxi cab!

I'd say Brooklyn Boy's favorite is the pheasant perched on our DIY star. And that's just a wild guess.

Feels good to be onto the next season!

Tomorrow, I'll show you the darling nativity scene we set up in front of the Elk antler :)