Bachelorette's in St. Pete!

A few weeks ago I was in St. Petersburg for my joint bachelorette party hosted by 2 sisters & friends, both college & New York. Jessica Rawlings captured the weekend perfectly!!!

We spent all weekend laying on the beach talking. Even after a mild winter in New York, my see through skin was SO ready for some sun. Please make note of that Chick Fil A cup on in the sand - I don't know if there's anything better than Chick Fil A on the beach.

Did I mention Jess is shooting my weekend :) Yea. I love her. And she's ridiculously talented.

I think there were 16 of us total? Quite a sight!

Like I mentioned earlier, it was a joint bachelorette weekend for me and & Kimberly. Kim is from a little ole' town outside of Prattville, Alabama. She was one of my roommates Junior & Senior year of college. A few years ago, I spent the weekend with her in Autuagaville getting her house pulled together! She's a pharmacist in Alabama, and is getting married next weekend!!! I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding, and she's a bridesmaid in mine! Her sister Melinda (a kindergarten teacher) planned Kim's night - and boy, did she plan a fun & hilarious TOTALLY Lil' Kim styled Bachelorette Party.


We started the festivities by splitting into 2 teams. What were the teams for you ask? They were for 'Adult PE Games." I say adult, because we may have incorporated some light alcoholic beverages into the games.

We had corn hole, dizzy bat (wait until you see those pictures) and other random games / balls that could fit into a carry on bag!


I guess you don't know Kim, but if you did, you'd understand how PERFECT this night was. She loves games, competitions and challenges.

Ivy getting her dizzy bat on!

How cute is Kimber!!!

 Its the New York girls!!!

And the whole gang minus sister who flew in that night!


I included this picture because I wanted you to know how burned we all got on our LEFT side. The weather was so beautiful and breezy that morning and we were a little negligent with sunscreen and switching sides. Stupid. The rest of Kim's night was spent in college game day jerseys, eating tail gate food and playing more games! We had a ball!

We spent the next day on the beach - Sister was there!

Gracie planned the most fun / girly / orange & pink / wonderful night!!! After sketchily keeping me out of the living room of our hotel room for as long as she could, I finally got to go in!

She had oversized pink paper puffs hanging from the ceiling, a girly clothesline complete with bows & clothespins to hang lingerie, a FUN spiked shirley temple and treats galore!

Sweet sissy. Some people say we look a like. Some people can't even tell we're sisters. What do you think?

I think I'm burned.

Sister shipped a box of goodies to Florida for the weekend. We went crazy on that stuff!

Did I mention the party favors! She had packaged up pink undies, lip smackers and a sucker for each guest. Ridiculous packaging sis :) Love it.

After our happy hour we headed to dinner . . .  on a party bus!!

This was a first for our crew! Even though 11 of the girls are married, we've never had a hotel transportation party bus on a bachelorette weekend! It was SO much fun to all be in one vehicle.

And off we went to a fabulous Mexican dinner, where I wore my crown veil the entire time!  We came back to the hotel afterwards and I opened lingerie and answered hysterical questions about Lance.

It was a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to the sisters and friends that made it happen!