goodbye Apartment 9A

I did it. I moved to Brooklyn! 

Brooklyn Boy and I spent a few hours on Saturday packing up my room, loading it into a Uhaul and driving to Brooklyn, the borough I now call home. 

Our process documented by iphone:

It gets bad before it gets better . . .  right??

I'm starting to see the floor!

Oh hey Norma.

Moved everything from my room to the foyer . . . 

Then a quick 16 Handles break . . .

Then everything was brought to the downstairs 'lobby'. . .

And loaded into our van! You should have seen the real life version of Tetris these boys had going!


That's it! I leave you with their backsides, cause I think this picture is hysterical. Our good friend Vadim (Husband of Krista, the couple I'm living with right now!) came and helped. What a trooper!

And off to Brooklyn we went!  Next up: Reflecting on my time at 9A