it's one of those days

Where I just feel giddy! I've only got a half work day ahead of me (praise the Lord!) and head to Dallas this afternoon. We've got loads of fun appointments lined up (church, flowers, cake, food, hair, etc) with mom and sister. The control freak part of me (all of me) can't WAIT to get my hands on everything!!!

I've ordered this fabric for a special reception detail, but haven't seen it in real life. 

I've ordered a dozen of these babies and have only seen them on my sisters feet via iphone pictures!

I won't bore you with all the pictures of napkins, bridesmaid gifts and welcome baskets :) Producing a wedding from a far has been surprisingly fun - but that's only because my family, friends and Brooklyn Boy have been delightfully sweet, helpful and flexible. 

Oh. OH! One more thing, last night Brooklyn Boy and I made a spontaneous trip to Home Depot, picked up 2 gallons of Behr Paint & Primer in One in Burnished Clay and Ultra White trim paint and went to TOWN on the hallway in his apartment :) Totally one of my favorite things about him - he's a doer. He gets an idea and moves on it! The hallways looks amazing. His goal is to finish the living room this weekend. I. Am. SO. Excited. I'll move in once we get married, but you better believe that apartment will be spic and span before we're married! 

We're making progress folks!