outdoor (registry) must haves

Now that we have a tiny little backyard, we spend as much time as possible outside. This is rare for Brooklyn and New York folks. Usually your time outside is spent with a million other people either commuting or sitting in a public park. It's funny what becomes normal when you live in a large city.

Anyways,  I accidentally registered for a few outdoor things from Pottery Barn and was delightfully surprised at how useful these things were!

First up: Dinnerware

Now, I actually saw these in the store and registered for them because they are thick plastic plastic and adorable - We have them in red. I loved the simple rustic look and think they add just the right amount of personality to our outdoor dinners. Plus, they're a great size, somewhere in between a dinner plate and a salad plate. Oh hello iceburg lettuce and blue cheese. 

Next: Hobnail Outdoor Drinkware

This is what I accidentally registered for, as I did zero in store registering, only online! Whoops! I thought they were glass until I pulled them out of their cardboard container and realized they're plastic! Thank goodness they are! Super durable and REALLY cute. There is something special and charming about them! 

Lastly: The Vintage Ticking Tablecloth - The hider of imperfections

Brooklyn Boy came up with the genius idea of buying a cheap plastic folding table to use outside. It's waterproof, folds away when we're not using it and is sturdy enough for a big dinner. All we needed, though, was a table cloth to hide our not so attractive secret. PB has darling vintage stripe ones that are a great size. We have it in blue! 

These are our outdoor summer basics! What have you been using this summer?