DIY Headboard - Check!

Are you a to do list person? I am. It's a big thing with the women in my family. We looooove our to do lists. And to a fault! Anyways, one of the top priorities on the 'newlywed' to do list was making a headboard for Brooklyn Boy and I. Here are the materials we needed:

  • Plywood (we used 3/8 of an inch)
  • Fabric (enough to cover each edge of your plywood shape by 4 inches - I used left over fabric I ordered for the wedding. From of course)
  • Foam (I used 1' foam from Mood because it was cheapest - our headboard took 3 pieces)
  • Quilting Batting (Also from Mood - I just made sure the width was 54' and not shorter)
  • Spray Adhesive (Hello art majors!)
  • Staple Gun (My favorite tool)

First step. Get plywood and draw your headboard shape on it. The shape can be anything. We chose something that could be cut with a circular saw.

I was very high tech and used some bakers twine and a Bic pen to create my arch. Couldn't find a sharpie!

Don't you love the tiny audience I have in this picture? That's Little Brother a.k.a. LB, Lil' Brotha, Brother, Kitty, etc.

Next. We Brooklyn Boy cut the wood down to our headboard shape.

Then we start the actual 'headboardy' parts of this project!

Using spray adhesive, we adhered the 1 inch foam to the ply wood.

Then cut the excess away with a good pair of scissors.

This is right when I started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in our little backyard, PS.

Here we go. All excess has been cut away. Doesn't it look like Norma died of DIY boredom? Ha! I think this picture is hilarious.

Next, you take your quilting batting and cover the headboard. I used a staple gun to secure it to the back. Make sure to pull taught as you go.


Again, cut away the excess material.

Woo hoo! Our headboard has been cut, foamed and batted. Ha. If that even makes sense.

Lastly - time to secure our fabric. We made sure the pattern on the fabric was going in the right direction and went to it! I typically do a few staples on the top and bottom first. Flip it over, double check that it's tight enough and the pattern is straight. Then I do the same on the left and right sides. Checking the front side as I go. Now the only tricky part of this is upholstering the corner were the curve meets the straight edge. I have no advice for getting through this park, except good luck! I may have dropped a damn here and there during that part.

Like the foam and the batting, I cut all excess fabric away once I was finished. Now, I could have finished the back by lining it with something - but I wasn't in the mood. No one sees the backside anyways.

And here is our finished product!

(I still need to iron out a few creases)

I was late to using Southern Monograms - but am totally loving them these days!

No room is complete without antlers!

KIDDING! I'm also new to the antler bandwagon, but being married to Brooklyn Boy, I've come to love them!

There it is folks, a DIY Headboard. Probably $100 all together. I'm feeling very accomplished now that it's off my to do list!