Books of the day

While I'd love to give you a full on life update, I noticed this stack of books in our apt this morning and instead thought, Hu, this literally sums us up.  Let me elaborate . . .

Dave Ramsey - Mr. & Mrs. Brooklyn Boy are taking our finances really serious this year! There is something about the start of the new year that is so motivating. So we're running with that momentum and have been reading up on Mr. Ramsey. This book comes back into play a few paragraphs down.

Pioneer Woman - Fail. I never cook. If I do it's one of three things I have in my 'rotation', as my sister calls it, and it always involves chicken. So, to help fix that, I've been reading cookbooks on my commute and I'm LOVING it. Even got into a full blown conversation about Pioneer Woman with a man on the subway. Yea. . . it wasn't creepy at all.

The Perfectly Imperfect Home - Now THAT sums it up. We've got piles everywhere and are about to have more. We have news. I think (well, to be honest, I know) we're moving apartments! The reasoning is two fold really - we've been thinking and praying a lot about our current apartment that we love. But ultimately, we just needed to pay less. High five Dave Ramsey! So we're moving down the street to a charming (affordable!) one bedroom that I will be posting pictures of! 

Nate Berkus - Love him. I really do. Been contemplating a lot lately about why my 'next step' is. I've been thinking about how much I loved contributing to the Nate Berkus Show. I've been thinking about how much I love blogging. I've also been thinking about how great my department at work is and how HARD new can be! No real resolve here, just been thinking a lot. Maybe you know what I should do next!

Vintage Cocktails - This book was a Christmas present from Brooklyn Boy, they sell it at Anthro. It has really striking photography and super cool handwritten recipes. Ever since my not so little brother introduced us all to BLT (Bourbon, Lemon & Tonic. Mix the proportions however you see fit) over Christmas, they've become  staple in our house. This book would make a great gift, ps! 

Happy Monday!