stoop sale recap

A funny thing I've learned about Manhattan and Brooklyn apartments, is that you buy furniture specific to your current apartment.  There isn't much Oh, I love this oversized leather sofa, I'll have it forever! Not to be a Negative Nancy, but it probably won't fit in your next apartment. It's just the reality of our small charming city apartments.  

Brooklyn Boy and I are experiencing this reality right now as we're prepping to move in a little over a week! There are things that fit perfectly in our current apartment but will have no room in the new space. Likewise our current living room is SUPER slender so we don't even have a coffee table! Needless to say, we had some gaps to fill and decided to have Stoop Sale. This way we could recycle the Stoop Sale profits into the new apartment! 

Thankfully, the weather warmed up on Saturday and it was a beautiful day! When you're selling stuff on the sidewalk in front of your apartment, weather matters! We kept the coffee pot brewing all morning and sweet neighbors and friends kept swinging by. It felt wonderfully small town!

Here a few pictures of the day -

This baby is still for sale!

Sweet Norma. She practically ran the show on Saturday! She thought everyone was there to see her, it was hilarious. Once everything was wrapped up, she collapsed onto the floor and napped the rest of the day. Exhausted apparently!