• Brooklyn Boy found this cowhide off of Craigslist for $100. It's a beaut. She's going to live in the kitchen of our new apartment!
  • I'm addicted to depositing checks through my BOA app on my phone. It is SO easy. Thank you Bank of America! 
  • Also loving the Live Chat function on most retail sites. Sister introduced this to me and it is so helpful when you work a corporate job! You usually have to fight for tiny pockets of time to handle life admin at work and doing it online, but with an actual person, makes it so much easier! For instance - today a West Elm consultant via Live Chat honored the 20% Rug Sale that was going on last week, so I could purchase the rug we wanted! All through a little chat box! So cool.
  • It's freaking cold in New York. Like the coldest weather I have ever experienced. Brr Rabbit.