Break a Leg!

Thats what people tell you when you're about to go on stage. I specifically remember hearing someone say it before doing my DIY segment on Queen Latifah's live show taping in LA two weeks ago. Now, I don't think anyone ever intends for you to actually break your leg. Unfortunately, in my case, the saying was taken a little too literally.

After wrapping the taping (many more fun details to come on Queen Latifah and the whole experience!) I was whisked away to the airport where I flew to Dallas for the weekend. I was due for some quality time with my family as well as my best friend Ivy and her new baby boy Warren! The following Monday, I flew back into the city. I was tired but had that good full feeling you get after accomplishing something and spending time with people you love. I worked the remainder of the day from the office then took a cab home because I was not about to lug that big ole' suitcase on the subway.

Moments after exiting the tunnel and entering Home Sweet Brooklyn, it happened. 

I broke a leg. Well an ankle to be exact. 
My taxi was in a decently bad accident with a Uhaul truck. That's got to make me an official New Yorker, no? It was very dramatic (for all involved) and resulted in two ankle fractures, torn shoulder ligaments, a night admitted in the hospital and the obligatory bumps and bruises all over the place. 

Thankfully I am just fine. I will be great in 4-6 weeks when I can use my left leg again :) I'm slowly resurfacing, but bear with me, I'm taking it very slow.   

I hope to be back to normal blogging duties soon! Have lots to share. 

Thank you sweet friends and family for checking up on us!  Brooklyn Boy and Norma (and Brooklyn Boy's brother) have been fabulous nurses :) 

Love you all. Buckle up!  

(Sorry there are not pictures on this post! You don't want to see the pictures that correspond with this post :)