how to move well

 Pre Move

Post Move in the new apartment!

We made it into the new apartment!! Whew. Thursday was caraaazy, but productive. We could not have done it with a few strong friends who helped that day. Thank you friends!!! 

Brooklyn Boy and I worked HARD to move seamlessly and efficiently. And I've got to say, we must have done something right, because everything seems to be in it's place and we already feel weirdly settled. It's certainly not perfect, nor will it ever be, but we feel at home. Here are my learnings after our first newlywed move: 

Pair down - You may remember - Before the move we had a Stoop Sale. We got rid of SO much. This was hugely important. There is no point in moving stuff to a new apartment or home that you're going to trash. Only move what you love, need and will use. Done. 

Plan out - We visited the new apartment so many times to measure, take pictures and observe. Our goal was to find a home for everything before we moved.  This was our biggest saving grace. Once we got all the boxes piles and containers into the place, it did not take long to move our big pieces into their designated spot. Moved the bookshelf into it's spot, then filled it with books. Toss the box. Move the desk into it's corner. Fill with computer cords, stationary and misc. Toss that box. Get our dresser centered on its wall in our room. Fill with clothes. Store suitcases. Etc. Sounds dumb and overly simple, but I promise you this will save loads of time. 

Flexibility on the Fly - While we did plan the mess out of our new space, we also tried to be flexible. Brooklyn Boy is always good at this, me . . . not so much.  A space always feels different once you're in it with all your stuff. It would be a shame to be stuck on one look just because that was your initial plan. Be flex! 

Evaluate - A move is a great time to evaluate. We made sure to only bring stuff that fit into one of the following categories: It's functional. It's sentimental. I just LOVE it. It's really attractive/interesting/beautiful! Now disclaimer, you could say a bunch of kitchen contraptions are functional and a million vintage coca cola bottles are sentimental. But it's not functional if your counter tops are covered with HSN products and it's not sentimental if your coke bottles are covered in dust in some back cabinet. Moderation people! It's a good thing. 

Refresh - This can look different for everyone. For us, 'refresh' meant we used money from the Stoop Sale and hand picked a few pieces we wanted to refresh or replace. We also stopped by costco and refreshed / started new with bulk trash bags, keurig coffee, dog food (so glamorous), dishwasher and laundry detergent.

HOLD ON. DID I TELL YOU THE NEW APARTMENT HAS A WASHER AND DRYER. OUR VERY OWN WASHER AND DRYER????? If you live in the New York area, you understand how big of a deal / blessing this is. No more walking down the block with my giant granny cart and huge laundry bag. No more paying to do my laundry. No more Laundromat!! 

Anyways, it was important for me to start in our new home with my basics sorted out. I.E. Trash bags. Detergent. Sandwich stuff. etc. This made finding our new norm a little easier! 

I hope this is helpful! We're still tweaking away and perusing craigslist every 5 minutes. But we're getting there! More pictures to come.