finally, some curtains

I'm taking a cue from Jenny and will be posting a little more of my in process / totally not perfect projects. It's more real life right :) 

We have these great windows in the living room of our new apartment. Since we checked all the main furniture pieces off our to do list it was time to address the details. Like curtains. I'd been itching to get curtains - our living room really needed a punch of fabric and pattern - two of my favorite things.'s driven me crazy. Originally, I thought solid white linen. Then thought blue and white large scaled pattern. Then ikat. Then solid. Then patterned again. Should I buy fabric and sew them? Find ready made? Bla bla bla. These are laughable serious problems here! Sarcasm

So we've had bare windows for a while. 

Which, praise the Lord, came with really great iron curtain rods - already up! 

Ha. What a view.

Our living room in two words: Leather + Black Rug

So with our leather furniture, black rug and wood pieces. What the heck was I supposed to do with curtains! 

 Mom came to the rescue, and verified, that some curtains I'd seen online, were in fact, affordable and really cute! So I got them. Last night. And I'm LOVING them.

These West Elm Cotton Canvas Woodland Panels!

And here they are in the space. Please ignore the small space ship on our ceiling.

Brooklyn Boy was so sweet and told me he loves them too. Which I needed to hear! 

It's a work in progress, but we're loving the new apartment!!