how to throw a mani/pedi party

I don't know about you, but this spring and summer have been filled with weddings!  One of my absolute favorite pre wedding events that I've both attended, thrown and had thrown for me is a Mani/Pedi Party. It's an easy way to 'gift' the bride and her bridesmaids with a little sprucing up right before the wedding.

I wanted to do a little something for Brooklyn Boy's sister, who's wedding we were just in Tulsa for, and decided the 'Nail Party' was just the thing. This way, I didn't have to worry about hosting at someone's house or expensive venue, the 'entertainment' was getting our nails done (who doesn't love that!) and the salon we used was totally open to drinks and snacks. Done. 

Here are my tips and learnings for pulling off your own Mani Pedi Party!

1. Pick a place - Duh. Also, ask the manager about a group discount for all the party goers! 

2. Send out invites - I went down a very simple route for these invitations - I designed something online, screengrabed it and embedded it into an email to all the girls. As much as I LOVE printed invites, this was not the time for involved invitations and costly paper. It's important to know when ease + peace of mind should prevail! 

3. Decor - I roamed the aisles Target when I was in Dallas and got SO much cute Spritz Party stuff - and on sale! Couldn't believe it. Total - I spent about $20 at Target on wrapping paper (to cover the table), plates, napkins, cups, and cut paper streamers.

Look at some of these cute options!  

I just grabbed whatever was cute and colorful. No need for a formal theme. 

4. Party Favors - I'm a copy cat. Hey, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel! My sisters Nail Party was the last I had attended and we were gifted brightly colored flip flops with big bows on them. Simple, cute and affordable, especially if you catch Old Navy on $1 Flip flop day. Ours were 2 for $5 flip flops at Old Navy


Tied a big ole' bow and stacked them in a large basket, making them easy to transport too! 

 5. Sparklers & Snacks - What's more appropriate for an all girls shin dig then Mimosas and donut hole kabobs! I didn't want to deal with cutlery, so all of our snacks were finger friendly. 

This was a perfect little opportunity to try out Trader Joe's champagne and sparkling lemonade (non-alcoholic). Was totally pleased with the lovely bottles and the great taste!  And did I mention how cheap TJ's was?? 

Figured we should have something healthy, so I brought lots of fruit to munch on as well.

There you have it - an easy and fairly effortless party, thanks to Trader Joe's, Target and Old Navy!