it's a stay-cool giveaway!

Y'all, it is HOT in Brooklyn. We've had days and days and days of exhausting heat. I grew up in Texas, you'd think I could handle it, but there is something extra confining and claustrophobic about intense heat in this city! 

One of my saving graces besides the central air in our apartment (thank the LORD) is my new Aquasana water bottle! The great folks over at Aquasana sent a few for us to try and we have LOVED them. They are perfectly sized, I love drinking out of a glass bottle (it makes me feel cool, pun intended) and the sleeve is a great buffer for condensation. They come in really cute colors too - 

I would really hate for you to get overheated, so we're doing a giveaway to help you stay cool! I'll be giving away 2 Aquasana Water Bottles to 3 different readers! Here are your simple giveaway instructions:

1. Share this post! Take your social media pick!

2. Choose the color (blue, orange, green, red, light green or teal) you want and tell me in a comment on this post! 

3. Don't melt!!

That's all! Have fun!