it's a baby shower! (and a little diy)

Hold up. Not for us, silly! For my dear friend Krista. 

A few months ago I helped host Krista's baby shower with a handful of other friends. We hosted at my Brooklyn Apartment and had a 'Texas Forever' theme going, as Krista LOVES Friday Night Lights and Texas and really Austin and boots and well, you get the idea.

Here's mom-to-be and most of the hosts!

Do you remember my friend LeighAnn? She is one of my wonderfully talented graphic design friends from college who just happens to now live in New York with her husband. She was in charge of type & print and went to town on this baby shower! Check out the "Luke Worksheet" she made for us to fill out during the shower! Not only is this a great shower activity that isn't cheesy and awkward, but the responses everyone left were just hilarious.

LeighAnn also made labels for everything, which makes the most mundane stuff (i.e. fruit salad) a little more adorable. 

These little flags are my favorite! As well as those San Pelligrino's back there . . .

A few weeks before the shower, we set up a google doc with all the pertinent details (menu, location, attendees, etc). All of the hosts filled in the spots they wanted to handle (drinks, food, cutlery, etc!) and brought accordingly. It made our prep super easy and organized.

Forget the cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding is where it's at! 

There are those little flags again!"We Love Luke" is so collegiate to me, which is totally fitting for football loving Krista!

Lots of blue balloons . . .

 The one diy project I incorporated was a Onesie Garland (or whatever you want to call it). 

All I did was spell out L-U-K-E using mailbox label stickers and cork coasters. I painted a few coats of yellow paint and then peeled the letters off. 

After securing some bakers twine to the mantle with pushpins, I attached the onesies and cork coasters with clothespins and voila! A baby shower onesie garland. And that is a mouthful!

We had a great time celebrating our friend and baby boy! Would you believe that baby boy is now over 3 months old!  Love you Luke Hudson.