Yard to Table // Making your own flower + greenery arrangements from the yard

I've probably mentioned this a thousand times by now, but my mom is the queen of making what she has work. Her latest bent has revolved around pulling greenery from her yard and using it around the house. Sounds simple. And potentially unimpressive, right?

Soooo not the case. She was just in town for Rosie's 1st birthday and had fresh little arrangements from the yard sprinkled around my house by the time she left. So I asked her how she did it?! Lets be honest - I don't see ANY potential when I look at my front yard and yet, she threw together simple, fresh and cheerful little arrangements in, like, a minute! So what does she look for? How does she concoct her petite bouquets? She came back to me with her top tips for crafting arrangements from the yard:

A sampling of the arrangements she has pulled together from our yards!

A sampling of the arrangements she has pulled together from our yards!

Mom's tips for creating arrangements from the yard:

  • Look for firm leaves, interesting structure and varied color. Buds, blooms and berries are always wonderful! 
  • I'm drawn to using a bunch of one thing in an arrangement - like a large bundle of branches, or a hearty handful of leaves in a jar.
  • Don't be afraid to put the smallest stem or single leaf in a tiny little bottle or bud vase. It's the perfect way to spruce up your sink or nightstand, especially when you're expecting overnight guests.
  • Teeny tiny arrangements made up of a few buds and greenery make for a great "pick me up" for a friend. The tinier the better. Everyone needs a little happy sometimes. 
  • Speaking of friends - if you are at a friends house and see something interesting, don't shy away from asking for a small cutting.  Chances are your friend won't miss a small branch or a handful of leaves. 
  • Scavenge your cabinets for pitchers, jars and tiny votives. I hardly ever use a classic vase.
  • Before having guests over, have a trial run with your pickings from the yard. Some wilt more quickly the others - you'd rather they wilt for you the day before then when your guests are arriving!

I'll will be capitalizing on these tips the next time we host a dinner part or get together at the house. Fresh arrangements always brighten up a home - and they don't have to cost you a thing! Head out to the yard (or the sidewalk, you New York folk) and start trimming!

Thanks Mom!